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How much do unique gift baskets cost?

The price of gift baskets vary widely according to the basket and the gifts inside.  Gift baskets' prices go from $20 up. The average gift baskets in densely populated urban areas (New York, L.A.) sell for $75 while the same gift baskets in suburban areas will sell for $50.  Gift baskets range in cost depending upon what goes into the gift basket. Some gift baskets are well over $150. Diane Phillips, author of The Perfect Basket, calls these "over the top" gift baskets because of all the extra gifts.  Many choices in gift  baskets give a wide range of prices to fit any occasion. Some gift basket companies work with you to choose which kind of gifts to put in the gift baskets, allowing the gift baskets--and the price--to be customized. Having a flexible price is one the appeals of gift baskets.  Any gift baskets are going to be appreciated, but it is the unique gift baskets that will stand out as truly memorable gift baskets.     

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