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Do gift baskets have to be expensive?

     The feature of gift baskets that make them such a unique gift is that the price is very flexible.  Even if your target cost for gift baskets is around $20, you can get--or make--impressive gift baskets.  In The Perfect Basket, Diane Phillips gives ideas for over 100 gift baskets.  Each gift basket idea comes with three or more price ranges, allowing not only the gift baskets to be customized, but also the prices of the gift baskets.

Is it less expensive to make gift baskets rather than buy them?

     Sometimes, making gift baskets is a very economical way to go.  By shopping sales at craft stores, the basket or gift container can be found for $5-$10.  Items to go into the gift baskets can cost as much or as little as wanted.  If the recipients of the gift baskets live nearby, the gift baskets can be hand delivered, saving on the shipping costs of gift baskets. 
     Making your own gift baskets is fun but not always the most economical way to go.  If the cost of gas and time are considered in the cost of shopping for and arranging gift baskets, often it makes sense to order quality gift baskets from a local gift basket company or from on-line gift basket companies.  Another cost factor in making gift baskets is the wrappings and bows.  The trimmings of the gift baskets often add hidden costs to the gift baskets.

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