Gift Basket Design

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Ever wonder what the difference is between an elegant gift and bunch of nice things stuffed into a bag?  The difference is in the gift basket's design!

A fun and creative--not to mention elegant--way to present gifts is in a gift basket.  A gift basket can be an actual gift in a basket.  A gift basket can be gifts in a gift bag.  A gift basket can take the form of a nice box. A useful household item such as a colander can be the basket in "gift basket."  Green gift baskets are growing in popularity.  A green gift basket might feature locally produced gifts presented in a renewable or recyclable gift bag, gift box, or responsibly produced gift basket.

Whatever container you choose to make your gift spectacular, the same gift basket design principles apply.  The quality of a gift basket, the proportion of the gift basket, the expectation when receiving a gift basket, the gift basket's style, and the sentiment or message behind the gift basket are all important principles when designing gift baskets.