Unique Gift Baskets

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Q:  Is it better to make or buy gift baskets?

A:  Pre-made gift baskets--selected with the recipient in mind--make elegant and always appropriate gifts.  These gift baskets are especially good to give when you want to send your best wishes but have limited time (as in a sympathy gift), or when the gift baskets need to be shipped out of town.  Whether you buy  pre-made gift baskets or make the gift baskets yourself depends upon your goals.  If you want your gift baskets to bear your personal touch, making the gift baskets yourself is a good way to go.  That doesn't mean purchased gift baskets can't be personal or unique gift baskets.  Think of the greeting card industry:  it is a multi-million dollar industry because cards reflect the personal thoughts and sentiments we want to share with others.  Pre-made gift baskets offer a wide selection of gift baskets with unique themes and presents.  By selecting just the right gift baskets, you add your personal touch to the gift.  Additionally, some gift basket companies are willing to customize the gift baskets.  If you have an idea for gift baskets that you don't see on the gift basket website or in the gift basket catalogue, ask to have your gift baskets customized! 
     Gift baskets are an outlet for creativity and generosity.  When you make gift baskets, you are not only sharing the gift baskets and the presents in the gift baskets, you are also sharing your time and thoughts with the gift basket recipient.  Personally made gift baskets weave together the tastes of the gift basket recipient with your own  creativity.   A great book on gift baskets is helpful in getting ideas and putting together fabulous gift baskets.  Jazzy Gift Baskets by Marie Browning is a stunning book.  The gift baskets Browning features are works of art.  Browning's gift baskets are gorgeous, a visual feast, showing just how unique gift baskets can be. 

Q:  So, if you don't have the time or skill to stain your own gift baskets, sew a fabric liner into the gift baskets, arrange and glue on dozens of individual silk flowers to the gift baskets, and make gentle homemade soap for the gift baskets, is it better to just skulk to the local grocery store for a generic gift card?

A:  We can't all be top craft designers with Fine Arts Diplomas, and while Browning's gift baskets are glorious and inspiring, gift baskets don't have to be complex to make wonderful, unique presents.  The choice of the gift basket's theme, the presents placed in the gift basket, the decorations and embellishments of the gift basket, and the accompanying gift basket card are all creative personal touches that make unique gift baskets.  Whether you choose to sew the gift baskets' fabric liners, make soup mixes, lavender cookies, and homemade, environmentally friendly scented cleaning powder to put in the gift baskets, or opt for tastefully arranging gifts in an elegant but simple gift basket, your own personal touch can make gift baskets unique.  The Perfect Basket, by Diane Phillips, offers suggestions for making gift baskets, and offers suggestions for varying price ranges. 

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