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The gift basket industry is a fairly new one, starting in the mid 1990s.   The following is a list of books and articles on gift baskets and the gift basket industry.

Phillips, Diane. The Perfect Basket: How to Make a Fabulous Gift Basket for Any Occasion.  Boston: The Harvard Common Press, 2005.

"The Perfect Basket," writes Phillips, "is written to inspire you to make your own baskets for family and friends.  Putting together themed baskets to give loved ones as a personal expression of your affection and gratitude will give you a feeling of joy and satisfaction that handing them a gift card to the local department store could never replicate" (8). Phillips gives over 60 ideas for personalized gift baskets, from gardening gift baskets to golf gift baskets.  She offers three different price ranges for the gift baskets (around $25-30, $50-60, and $75-100, with some "over the top" gift basket ideas for gift baskets over $125).  Phillips provides  suggestions for gift basket items to add, depending on the price desired for the gift baskets.   Phillips, a cookbook writer, also includes more than 30 ideas for food gift baskets, with almost 100 recipes to accompany the gift baskets of food. 

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The following articles on gift baskets in this annotated bibliography were found through the EbscoHost database.  With a public library card, college or university library card or subscription to EbscoHost you can research additional articles on gift baskets.l

“Go Organic with Your Gift Basket.” Corporate Meetings & Incentives 26.8 (Aug. 2007): 27. Business Source Premier. EBSCO.  8 July 2008.<>.

 As a feature in Corporate Meetings and Incentives magazine, organic gift baskets from FanciFull gift baskets are highlighted, illustrating how the organic food trend is making its way into organic gift baskets. See for more information.

 “MAIL-ORDER FOOD For Assorted Tastes.”  Consumer 12 Reports 71.12 (Dec.     2006):38-39.  Academic Search Premier.  EBSCO. 8 July 2008.  <>.

 Consumer Reports tested eleven mail order gift baskets.  Gift baskets from Igourmet, Wine Country Gift Baskets, The Fruit Company, Harry & David, and Usingers topped the lists as “Very Good Gift Baskets,” with a few reservations. CR  noted The Fruit Company’s fruit “sometimes approaches perfection” and the sausage and cheese in their gift baskets are “nothing special.”  CR believes the fruit in Harry and David’s gift baskets are “sometimes outstanding, other times ordinary.”  Wine Country Gift Baskets, reports CR, offers a “huge selection with generally high-quality products but no standouts.”

 Consumer Reports rated gift baskets from Van’s Gifts, Cherry Moon Farms, Art of Appreciation Gourmet Gifts, Gourmet Grocery Online, and Hickory Farms were rated as merely “Good.”  CR notes many gift basket companies assemble gift baskets based on what is in the warehouse and sometimes items advertised in gift baskets are substituted but the quality of the items in the gift baskets is usually similar.  Several suggestions on selecting gift baskets are offered by Consumer Reports:  consider the gift basket recipient, be certain to have a way to track the shipment of gift baskets, and be aware of added costs for shipping gift baskets (up to $38 for 3-day UPS shipping, notes CR). 

Montalvo, Krinstin V. “How to… DIY (Do it Yourself!) Gift Baskets.”  Gourmet Retailer  28.7 (July 2007): 100-106. Business Source Premier.  EBSCO. 8 July 2008.  <>.

 Advice for retailers starting a gift basket program is given in this article by Kristin Montalvo.  Montalvo reports start up costs for a gift basket business associated with a retail gourmet business can range from almost zero to a few thousand dollars; gift basket retailers who enlist a sales force can expect to spend much more on their gift basket program.  Montalvo cites Tom Catanese, expert on gift baskets and president of Thomas Cantanese & Company, who suggests offering several choices of gif baskets and having at least nine price points for the gift baskets.  Montalvo gives other retailers’ advice on offering creative gift baskets and unique gift baskets.  She reports careful planning for promoting gift baskets and employee training for creating and selling gift baskets is essential to the success of a program for retail gift baskets.