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Q:  What makes unique gift baskets different from ordinary gift baskets?

A:  This question about gift baskets may seem like a mundane one with an obvious answer:  Duh, the unique gift baskets are unique and the ordinary gift baskets are, well, just ordinary gift baskets.  Lest the ordinary gift baskets feel slighted in the least, please understand that no gift baskets are ordinary gift baskets because they represent a human connection being reinforced.  Whether the ordinary gift baskets are intended as corporate gift baskets or for personal gifts, the genuine intent behind ordinary gift baskets should not discounted. 
      That being said, unique gift baskets stand apart from ordinary gift baskets on several levels.  Unique gift baskets are unique because of the thought that goes into creating or selecting the gift basket.  Whether you are creating a unique gift basket or selecting a gift basket in a store or at an online gift basket website, keep in mind the ways to make ordinary gift baskets extraordinary gift baskets.  There are several ways to make ordinary gift baskets extraordinary: 

bulletThe size of the gift baskets; 
bulletThe quantity of the items in the gift baskets;
bulletThe quality of the items in the gift baskets;
bulletThe container used for the gift basket;
bulletThe color and design of the gift baskets;
bulletThe flavor or theme of the gift baskets;
bulletThe occasion for the gift baskets;
bulletThe personal touches added to the gift baskets; and
bulletThe sentiment and greeting attached to the gift baskets.                  
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     The size of gift baskets can make an unforgettable statement.  Huge gift baskets filled to overflowing with presents makes a huge impression on a loved one or client.  A gigantic sympathy gift basket filled with food makes a welcome gesture of thoughtfulness.  Likewise when a real-estate agent or mortgage broker gives a generous-sized gift basket of new home essentials such as cleaning products, gardening items, or food items, the sting of buyer's remorse is  certain to be erased.   Gift baskets don't have to be gargantuan to make an elegant impression.  Sometimes less is more when it comes to gift baskets.  Small simple gift baskets with luxury items can make a big impression.  Consider giving a small gift basket of Belgian chocolates.  Small gift baskets of jewelry, organic herbal teas,  gourmet foods, or even caviar make stunning gift baskets, even if they are small.  It's the same idea as giving a single rose over a dozen roses:  both are elegant affirmations of affection, but sometimes, simple says it better. 
     Just as the size of gift baskets can make ordinary gift baskets unique, the quantity and quality of gift baskets goes a long way in making unforgettable gift baskets.  First impressions count in gift baskets.  Whether there are dozens of items in the gift basket, or just a few, simple gift basket design principles help create gift baskets to make a stunning presentation. The quantity of items in gift baskets will look impressive if they fit the gift basket. A gift basket that is too large make the gift baskets' items look few and small.   Use paper shred, excelsior, straw, or other packing material to make items in gift baskets stand taller and fill the gift baskets.   When making gift baskets, or selecting gift baskets, always ensure quality  items fill the gift baskets.  Even if having quality items means sacrificing some quantity, it is advisable.  Nothing is more disappointing to recipients of gift baskets to see gift baskets that look too beautiful to eat, and, in fact, are too beautiful to eat.  The aftertaste of stale crackers, bland, lifeless cheeses, and mediocre desserts, and disappointing candies linger long after the beauty of the gift baskets have faded.
     Gift baskets' containers go a long way in making gift baskets unique. Wicker baskets always make pretty gift baskets.  However, functional containers as gift baskets add a refreshing twist on the popular gift basket theme.  Try a baby bathtub for baby gift baskets.  A stock pot or colander makes impressive pasta or soup gift baskets.  Tupperware gift baskets are growing in popularity for baking gift baskets or food gift baskets.  Serving trays, tote bags, ceramic bowls, and flower pots are great ideas for functional container gift baskets.  Use your imagination in creating gift baskets that remain useful long after the contents of the gift baskets have been enjoyed. 
     Using  Color and design of gift baskets is another way to make run-of-the-mill gift baskets unique gift baskets.  If you are making your own gift baskets, you might want to fill the gift baskets with items in the recipients' favorite color or flavor.  Try chocolate gift baskets with brown and pink as the gift baskets' colors.  Chocolate lotions and candles round out the chocolate goodies you can add to chocolate gift baskets.  White or gold gift baskets might feature vanilla items.  Vanilla hot cocoa, vanilla cookies, vanilla lotion, vanilla candles, and white chocolate would make a fun gift basket.  Green gift baskets might hold green apple, pear, mint, or lime items.  Red gift baskets could follow a strawberry or cherry theme and blueberry items could make blue gift baskets.  Gift baskets with a color design don't have to follow the same flavor.  Gift baskets designed in monochromatic colors or gift baskets following a color scheme can include any  of items. 
     Just as flavor can create unique gift baskets, the theme of gift baskets, from the container to the decorations and embellishments, can make ordinary gift baskets works of art.  Using functional containers following a theme can turn everyday gift baskets into unique gift baskets.  A pet bed makes a unique gift basket container to be filled with various pet supplies.  A serving tray provides a functional gift basket container for "breakfast in bed gift baskets."   Just as functional gift basket containers define themes of gift baskets, useable fillers for gift baskets continue the themes for gift baskets.  A fluffy white towel instead of excelsior in spa gift baskets makes the entire gift basket beautiful and useful.  Likewise, baking gift baskets can use kitchen towels instead of the paper shred normally found in gift baskets.  Picnic blankets in picnic gift baskets are a clever way to cushion the contents of picnic gift baskets while providing a fun and useful gift.  Unique gift baskets may carry the theme from the functional gift basket container to the embellishment and trim of the gift basket    Instead of a bow on gift baskets, an embellishment following the theme of the gift basket adds to the uniqueness of gift baskets.  Tie a leash to decorate dog gift baskets; adorn baking gift baskets with measuring spoons or bamboo spoons;  decorate a spa gift baskets by tying a bag of potpourri in a decorated sachet to the gift basket.
     The occasion for giving gift baskets makes gift baskets unique.  Gift baskets are expected at Christmas, likewise with Hanukkah gift baskets at Hanukkah.  New Years gift baskets are common.  Bridal shower gift baskets and wedding gift baskets are popular.  Mothers Day gift baskets are a usual expression of love.  Fathers Day gift baskets are a fun hint for Dad to barbeque more often.  Easter baskets are ubiquitous.  Housewarming gift baskets, new baby gift baskets, and thank you gift baskets are all similarly common, albeit thoughtful.   Gift baskets become unique gift baskets and memorable gift baskets when they are given for no reason or for an uncommon reason.  Try  "just because" gift baskets to show others how important they are.  Another way to make gift baskets special is to invent an occasions for gift baskets.  Fun and quirky occasions for gift baskets help those in your life realize how much their relationship means to you.  For unique gift basket occasions, try days with obscure meanings (Ides of March gift baskets--now that's a unique gift basket!)  Designated months are also unique occasions for gift baskets (Happy Zucchini Month gift baskets and National Library Month gift baskets may not catch on with the general public, but they make truly unique gift baskets).  For those who associate importance with numbers and symmetry (think: all the couples with nuptials planned for 08-08-08), give gift baskets associated with significant dates.  Upcoming dates worthy of gift baskets:  August 8, 2008 (8-8-08), September 9, 2009 (9-9-09), and the big one:  October 10, 2010 (10-10-10).  September 10, 2011 (9-10-11) is also a date worthy of sending gift baskets. 
     The personal touches and sentiment or greeting attached to gift baskets also make gift baskets unique.  The personal handwritten note, the handmade tag, or expressions from the heart of love, gratitude, or friendship turn simple gift baskets into unique gift baskets.  Remember, any gift given with the spirit of kindness and generosity will be a welcome one.