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What should I know about shipping gift baskets?    

     The most important thing to know about shipping gift baskets is: shipping charges are expensive!  Shipping cost for gift baskets vary depending on the gift basket companies.  A comparison of the top two companies listed under a google search for "gift baskets" revealed a considerable difference in the cost of shipping gift baskets. 
     For gift baskets priced at $69.99, is offering a special on shipping certain gift baskets.  As of August 14, 2008, charges between $9.99 and $10.99 for gift basket delivery. ships in 1-2 business days. 
     For delivery of a similar gift basket, charges  $34.07 for Saturday delivery of gift baskets,  $36.24 for overnight delivery of gift baskets,  $29.07 for 3-day delivery of gift baskets,  $20.37 for 4-5-day shipment of gift baskets, and $10.40 for  standard delivery of gift baskets.
     Expect additional charges if the gift baskets you order need to be shipped with an ice pack.  Gift baskets shipped with ice packs require an addition fee (around $8.00, but well worth the cost, considering the contents of the gift baskets won't melt or spoil).   Shipping costs for gift baskets may also be more if the gift baskets contain glass items such as wine or sparkling cider, or other heavy items. 
     Local gift baskets may prove to be an option to consider if shipping charges seem exorbitant.  Using companies which produce local gift baskets may help save shipping costs on gift baskets.  Another option is to make your own gift baskets and hand-deliver them.  If you mail gift baskets yourself, expect similar charges as gift basket companies.  Be certain they are carefully packed to ensure the contents of the gift baskets don't break during shipment.

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