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Q: Which gift baskets are most popular? 

A:  By far, food gift baskets are the most popular gift baskets.  Food is a universally popular choice for gift baskets because everyone eats food.  There are savory food gift baskets (for example, gift baskets with crackers, cheese, and smoked meats), and sweet gift baskets  usually these gift baskets are filled with chocolate or other delightful baked goods).  There are many other gift baskets with food:  gourmet gift baskets, fruit gift baskets, pasta gift baskets, fruit gift baskets, popcorn and nut gift baskets, baking mix gift baskets, barbeque gift baskets, bread gift baskets, breakfast gift baskets, junk food gift baskets, chocolate gift baskets...the list is seemingly endless. 

     A word of caution about giving gift baskets of food:  consider the recipient of the gift basket!  Gift baskets of food are a universally thoughtful gift until you give someone with nut allergies a fruit and nut gift basket, a person recovering from alcoholism a wine and cheese gift basket, or someone with diabetes a gift basket of candy.  Be careful to consider the needs of the person receiving the gift basket, as well.  While a huge gift basket of  brownies, cheesecakes, and cookies is impressive, expensive, and elaborate, this kind of gift sabotages a dieting person's goals.  Consider giving a small gift basket with the same items, or another kind of gift basket.

Q:  What are some other popular gift baskets? 

A:  Spa gift baskets, stationery gift baskets, golf gift baskets, and game gift baskets are also well received.  Gift baskets of flowers are a universally classic gift basket.

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